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Hot Rod Flame Pillowcase Set

Shopping for bed linens is a mundane and utilitarian task for me. The usual fare of floral, paisley, and striped designs do not interest me at all, so I usually opt to buy a set of plain sheets and leave the store as quickly as possible. Taking a look at the designs from Sin in Linen has caused me to change my mind.

Sin in Linen is an online shop featuring bed linens, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and apparel. There are also designs for baby and dorm bedding. The designs range from animal print to retro pin up girls to pirate-inspired skull and crossbones. There are designs for every taste – from the conservative damask prints to more adventurous tattoos. The items featured on the website are reasonably priced and of a high quality.

Sin in Linen is the creation of entrepreneur Sandy Glaze. Sandy began the company after not finding home products that suited her taste and style. So she launched the company with her mother, Iris, in 2004. Furthermore, Sandy has been an active participant in the Seattle arts and alternative scene since the late 1990's.

The Hot Rod Flame Pillowcase Set I received for this review were great. The design matches my plain bright orange bed linens and don't clash with the traditional décor of my bedroom. The pillowcases fit easily over the standard sized pillows I am currently using, have a thread count of 300, and are 100% sateen. They were very comfortable to sleep on and did not scratch my face or hold heat during the night. Due to the quality of the pillowcases, I am thinking of purchasing the matching Hot Rod Flame sheet set.

Written by: Rekesha Spellman, November 7th 2010