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How to Rule the World from Your Couch

Do you want to make a change in your life? Each December, as one calendar year ends and a new one is about to begin, most of us reflect upon where we have been and plan for where we want to be. If you answer yes to the question I pose, I highly recommend Laura Day's most recent book, How to Rule the World from Your Couch.

This New York Times bestselling author teaches the reader, as she has taught her students, to use intuition as a useful strategy to achieve change in one's life. Day explains intuition as the higher octave of your five senses. Intuition can guide you to your truest, best possible self. Each chapter begins with a Quick Hit Exercise. Her techniques for embodying the skills taught in this book will help you deal with stress, improve personal and professional relationships, and aid you in achieving your goals. Day guides the reader through each chapter by offering examples which are applicable to individual life as well as sharing personal experiences from her life. As Day advises throughout the book, do not over think the exercises. Intuition is a part of each of us. Some may be more aware of the skills of intuition than others. You may discover that you are already practicing these tools but address them by another name. By being an intuitive person, you are harnessing an often underutilized part of your brain.

Day encourages the reader to consciously create a sacred space, which can be a state of mind or a physical place, a sacred time, an actual time which you devote to connecting with your inner being, and a ritual, which is a repetitive and comforting routine that helps you connect with yourself.

By setting aside any preconceived ideas which the chapter titles may invoke, the reader can explore and experiment with the skills of intuition. Mediumship is a chapter on how to view the world by becoming someone or something else. Telepathy is the subject of chapter four, which focuses on the ability to guide the thoughts and behavior of others. At the same time, your own vulnerability can be manipulated by the telepathy of others. Body Heat Telepathy is the ability to exchange mutually attractive messages with another person but from a distance. Intriguing? I thought so.

Do you want to be more in control of your destiny? Chapters six and seven are a must read. Remote Viewing is the most detached of the intuitive states and involves perceiving the target while being separated from it by time and space. Precognition is the ability to move the target, which can be a person or situation forward in time, thus experiencing what will happen.

Each individual is unique and, consequently, each reader will have a personal level of involvement with this book.

Written by: Maryann Gromisch, December 29th 2009

How To Rule The World From Your Couch is an amazing collection of tools to master intuition. Laura Day's writng/teaching works for all levels - beginner thru advanced. This is the best book on practicing intuition I have come across. Her facebook page is wonderful too, MCBrookland

I love the book HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH. Thanks so much for your wonderful review of it!

Laura Day's intuitive work empowers those who are open to it and practice it, whom I'd venture to guess are primarily (although certainly not exclusively) women. Her inspiring "Circle" gatherings are "women empowering women" in a whole new way (yet perhaps reminiscent of the consciousness-raising groups of the 1960s and 70s).

I hope your review brings Laura's work to a new audience who will find it as life-changing as her other readers have. Thanks again!

Great review. Love the book. She gives us how to information on the tools we already have but don't know how to use.

This is a great overview of a fabulous, life-chaning book! Day is so giving and guides her readers through exercises on her web page. My life is positively impacted (with lots of work) each and every day. I highly recommend "doing" this book along with Day's others.


I love this book (and her other two Welcome to Your Crisis and the Circle!) Her techniques have made me a much happier person and helped my career immensely. I highly recommend Rule the World, it gives you a new perspective for viewing and interacting with the world that can be the tipping point you need to live the life you love!

Great review! Thanks for taking the time! I love this book!

Thank you for this wonderful review!