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Howdy Booby Time Organic Body Wash (Rosewood Lavender)

Breast cancer. I hate it. Obviously it is not that I like any type of cancer, but I have a very special place in my dark chest of hatred for breast cancer. I do not know what it is exactly… maybe that most of its victims are women? Or maybe it is because it nearly took my beloved Aunt Anny away from me, twice. So I take it personally and everyone else should too.

If statistics are correct (and I hope they aren't) one in six women over the age of fifty will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, which means that we are all potential targets of this terrible transgressor. It is everybody's problem, and we should all try to cure it together.

Now, there are many ways we can try to defeat this lumpy nemesis, and some are easier than others. My favorite, because I like the oft-mischaracterized activity of shopping, is buying items from companies that donate a portion of their sales to research. The people at Sun Feather Natural Soap Company have made it especially easy for me by creating Howdy Booby Time Organic Body Wash, which they've labeled a "Breast Cancer Early Detection Soap." The body wash is designed for women to use for monthly breast self exams during bath or shower time, instructions included.

The wash consists of a blend of rosewood and lavender oil, and it smells ridiculously delicious. It makes my skin so clean and soft that it will really be impossible to wait a whole month before using it again. Whenever I open the bottle my whole bathroom smells like a fancy garden, and it makes me feel luxurious. Apparently, it makes my husband feel luxurious too because I am mysteriously running out of it really fast.

Something else that makes me feel luxurious (and philanthropic!) is to support a socially responsible, women-owned and operated company that is completely cruelty free, organic, and helps fight our collective battle by donating a portion of its Pink Ribbon profits to The American Cancer Foundation.

Written by: Laura Koffler, September 2nd 2009

I totally want to put something called "Howdy Booby Time" in my shower...without telling my partner. TOO funny!

You make it sound so amazing. Well, now I have to have it. :)