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I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands

What do you call a cookbook that reads like poetry? What do you call a coffee table book that whets your appetite? You would call that book I Like Food, Food Tastes Good. Fully expecting a fun addition to my expansive and eclectic collection of cookbooks, I was delightfully surprised at the fun compiled between the pages of this book!

Food writer Kara Zuaro knows a lot of musicians, and all musicians must eat! Whether they’re on the tour bus in their own kitchens, they’ve all got favorite recipes. Don’t expect the quick and boring Fried Bologna Sandwich here! These delightful concoctions are just as creative as the music these bands perform.

Contributors/contributions include: Strung Out/Rockin’ Ramen, Mobius Band/Tropical Fish Tacos, Irving/Dirty Snowflake, Frog Eyes/Chocolate Worm and many more! Some recipes are inspired by a particular song while others are taken from real-life experiences. All recipes are tried and tested, but the way in which Zuaro has retained the creative license for the musicians wording and instruction keeps me from actually placing this book up on a shelf with Betty Crocker. My family had too much fun reading it aloud to each other, beatnik style, in our front room one night. Practicality and art come together in a surprisingly fun way in this work.

Written by: Gina Hobbs, April 26th 2007