Elevate Difference

I Had an Abortion

This documentary cuts to the core of reproductive freedom—to the stories of women's lives as told by ten women themselves. Distributed by Women Make Movies, the film features detailed accounts from a number of women, ages twenty-one to eighty-five, from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds who had abortions under different circumstances and at different points in their lives. Their stories are complicated and grounding - from a woman who had an abortion as a Mormon high school student in Utah, to a woman who had one at forty-four, married and with children. Prominent activists featured include Loretta Ross, Gloria Steinem, and Amy Richards. Interestingly enough, many of them talked about how many other women confided in them about their own abortions once they themselves had broken the silence that often shrouds the experience.

This documentary is a part of that movement to speak out through a tradition of truth-telling that activist Jennifer Baumgardner (co-producer of the film) launched with the same name as the film. This includes the controversial "I Had An Abortion" t-shirt that many women donned on the cover of Ms. Magazine several months ago. By speaking out, these women put a face to the issue of a woman's right to choose.

Written by: Katy Otto, August 29th 2007