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Imperia Necklace

Have you ever heard a peacock scream? While I was visiting Kolkata's Marble Palace during last summer's monsoon, I happened across the mansion's hodgepodge collection of animals, which I am hesitant to call a "zoo" despite that being what it is. My friends and I were buying time since our trek across town to the museum was through knee-deep water, and we wanted the level to fall a bit before heading back on to the street. After being licked by a barking deer, I was feeling giddy when I saw the male peacock dancing around its cage; that is, until he let out a mating cry.

I'm telling you it was the most godawful noise I have ever heard. It was loud, piercing, and made me wince in pain whist throwing my hands to the sides of my head to protect my precious eardrums from harm. It's amazing, really, that such a majestic and beautiful creature can emit such an abrasive and foul sound. (Bad pun intended!) Oh, if something could capture the beauty without that horrific wail...

Stacy Christopher's Imperia Necklace embodies all that is elegant about the regal bird without the traits that are not. The teardrop cabochon pendant hangs from an 18" gold-colored brass chain, which lands the painted bird in the middle of one's chest. Its vintage style makes the piece versatile for wear; it can be a nice accent piece for a more formal occasion, but works well with everyday outfits too.

Named after a coastal city in Italy that was settled in the thirteenth century, the Imperia Necklace gives the impression of strolling through the seaside town, which is on but slightly removed from the country's tourist circuit. Imperia (the city) is known for its food—though what Italian city isn't? Visitors can indulge in pastas with homegrown olives and, therefore, fresh olive oil before taking a stroll on the beach. If you come across any peacocks while you're walking, go the other way. The painted one around your neck should suit you just fine.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, July 9th 2009

They are?! FUCKED UP!

(This isn't Erika, but I couldn't resist replying.)

Oh, I could totally see that being effective. Related, have you heard that rattlesnakes are now evolving to NOT rattle because people are hunting them?

Out west, they use peacocks on some ranches to help keep the rattlers down.

Erika M

Thanks, y'all!

What an awesome review!

The peacock cab! I used to see those floating around the vintage supply world - a smart choice, making it into a pendant... it has that dowdy dame hipster thing going on. Fun!