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The Inner Peace Diet: Attain Permanent Weight Loss and Pure Bliss in Just 7 weeks

I’m sixty-three years old and believe me when I say that throughout my lifetime I have tried just about every diet out there. I guess I have been obsessed about my weight forever…well, at least since menopause made it almost impossible to lose a pound! I’ve always considered myself part of the “new age” crowd ever since the '60s. So The Inner Peace Diet piqued my interest.

I soon discovered that The Inner Peace Diet is not your normal diet book. Written by a professional chef and a registered nurse who is also a social worker, the book is centered on the chakra system, and is written to bring your energy and life in balance. If you aren’t an expert on chakras, there is no need to worry. This book will explain everything that you need to know to take part in the seven-week weight loss plan. Each week of the diet centers around one of the seven chakras.

The plan is designed to focus on body, mind, and soul. Each chapter contains recipes, guided meditations, and exercises to help you attain inner peace and remove stress from your life, in addition to losing weight. I found a lot of the yoga postures to be slightly difficult for someone my age, but a younger person could really get into this program. (I have always felt that it is up to the individual to personalize any weight loss program to their own lifestyle and needs.)

The meals are easy to make and are not your ordinary fare: baked eggs Florentine casserole, pear yogurt bread, teriyaki fettuccine with watercress, and even healthy banana s’mores. So, I suggest that you read The Inner Peace Diet if you are looking for a diet that considers not only your body, but also your mind and your spirit. You can lose weight and get your life in balance!

Written by: Paula M. Ezop, March 20th 2009

This sounds intriguing. I'll have to check it out!