Elevate Difference

Live At Oslo Jazz Festival

Overall this is a good album. It is unlike anything else I've heard. There is some heavy political content here. I admit it was lost on me. I am not very political and, anyway, I could not understand most of the lyrics. I can read the song titles, though. There is one song called "Capitalism Stole My Virginity." It does not take much insight to know what that's about. The song is a wild free for all, with shifting tempos and a cacophony of horns and percussion. Most of the songs are the same way. The lead singer puts out a lot of energy and passion. He never slows down or lets up. I can appreciate that style of singing any time I hear it.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy is not for everyone. There is no repetitive format to their music. There are sing along choruses, but no bubble gum pop hooks. It takes real effort to get into this album. It is worth digging into for those who like free form jazz stylings and complex, erratic song structures. The fact that it's a live album only adds to its strength. I will listen to it again.

Written by: Steve Watson, May 3rd 2007