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The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation

Admit it, you’ve thought about it. After a long day at a desk job, struggling under a mountain of student loans and credit card debt, becoming an escort doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It is actually far more appealing than being a stripper. You can use your excellent interpersonal skills and table manners. You can make delightful cocktail party conversation. You have what they call “personality.” More importantly, you can avoid the pasties and cheesy music of the strip club.

Then you remember that the modus operandi of being an escort is having sex with clients. Technically, this isn’t a requirement, but a “choice,” so escorts can avoid prostitution charges. However, an escort who never sleeps with the clientele is probably not a very popular escort. If there are gals (or guys) out there who won’t mind the whole sex-with-strangers part of escorting, you may want to pick up a copy of Amanda Brooks' The Internet Escort’s Handbook. This is Book 1 of the handbook and deals with the “foundation” of becoming a self-employed escort who advertises on the internet.

Brooks has a light, pithy voice and is very informative about subjects ranging from the pros and cons of client reviews on your website to safe oral sex. Along the way, she advocates some expert sexual practices like wrapping yourself in saran wrap to avoid stubble irritation “down there.” She also recommends that all escorts learn how to fake it. This book is published by Golden Girl Press, which was founded by Brooks. Maybe with self-publishing she is continuing to be self-managed: no big publishing house Madame for Brooks. The companion website, www.theinternetescortshandbook.com, has some interesting resources for the curious. Brooks attempts to be as comprehensive as she can in the references and resources offered, which is commendable.

One wonders, however, how long Brooks intends to make a living in the industry. After working as a cocktail waitress, then a stripper, then an internet escort, Brooks is officially retired. But she is still raking in the cash writing about and publishing her sexual escapades. What will she be doing in 10, 15 or 20 years? How many books will she include in The Internet Escort’s Handbook? As one escort asked another, “How hard can it be?”

Written by: Rachel McCrystal, April 18th 2007

Thanks for the comments on my review!As to anonymous2 and Layli's comments, I am neither pro-nor-anti-sexwork. As Amanda implies, there is a complex feminist debate regarding sexwork and sexworkers. Around the time that I reviewed Amanda's book, I reread Angela Carter's short essay on Deep Throat. Reading her thoughtful and well-balanced writing, I realized that a short book review is not the time to join the debate. So, another time!I am glad to see, however, a thoughtful reference source about the business of escorting. I think this information will enable sexworkers to drive their own careers. That is a feminist goal. Amanda-- thank you for taking the time to address my metaphoric and/or playful rhetoric. Small publishing houses never literally "rake in the cash," so I am sorry for using that phrase. I am not sorry for writing "How hard can it be?" I just couldn't stop myself!Again, thanks for the comments. Rachel McCrystal

First, thanks for the review! I'm very happy to see it here. I like a feminist site that is open to all forms of expression.A couple comments on bits in the review...I'm not raking in the cash. It would be nice, but the company is not there yet. Just because something deals with sex doesn't mean there's automatically tons of money in it.Plenty of other sex workers have been on the speaking/publishing circuit for years. I plan on finishing the series (as stated in the book's intro), then moving into publishing others' work. Then I can sell the company for millions and retire from doing anything.I don't consider myself writing about my "sexual escapades." The series is intended as a reference, not an autobiography. If I use myself as illustration for a point, it's because I can safely point a finger at myself without fear of a lawsuit. "How hard can it be?" It's not rocket science but it's certainly more complex than most people seem willing to believe, which is why the online escort world is full of misinformation, leading to problems for both clients and escorts. I am very happy to see the review here and I certainly appreciate the time you have taken to read and review my work. I'm particularly happy that the review is fair and positive, given the feminist debate over any form of sex work.Thanks again!XX

I definately get the vibe from what is written that Rachel McCrystal, who wrote this review, isn't pro-sex work.

this is kind of dismissive of the sex trade. i wonder if the reviewer has a personal bias against the sex workers.

Good review! I like the fact that you don't feel obligated to like the book, yet you aren't overly critical. This is funny and well-written....