Elevate Difference

Intimacy Kit

I LOVED THIS!!! But before I start raving about how great this product is, let me get a few perfunctory criticisms out of the way:

  1. The non-phallic (and, hence, non-threatening) vibrator should come with AAA batteries... or the package should sport verbiage about how batteries are required.

  2. The cardboard insert did not hold the pleasantly fruit-scented products in place. When I opened the box, I found all of the bottles had slid out of their respective places and were clustered into a messy jumble in right-hand corner of the box.

  3. The leak-proof bottles were sealed so tightly that they were not easy to open with fingernails.

  4. The feather duster was too small to be useful and fell apart after three uses.

Beyond these minor annoyances, I enjoyed using this kit much more than I expected to. (I am not much into sex toys.) My partner liked it too. He enjoyed getting a back massage with the Aura Sensual Massage Oil. He also liked the fact that the oil absorbed slowly enough into his skin for me not to have to continuously reapply the oil, and that it didn’t stain his comforter.

The mint flavored Ex. T. Cee Flavored Personal Heightener caused a mildly pleasant tingling in our nether regions and, unlike many other edible lotions, actually tasted good. The Dust Me Pink Sensual Body Powder tasted like strawberries and didn’t leave a chalky aftertaste. We were so hot from the extended foreplay that we decided to skip the vibrator. We didn’t use the lubricant either; the two lubricated condoms in the kit got the job done.

I used the vibrator on a solo expedition. The vibrator operated on two speeds—just right and “ohmigod.” It was easy to hold from numerous angles and easily switched on and off with a push button right on top. The hard plastic was easy to clean afterwards too.

The verdict: BUY IT!!!

Written by: Ebony Edwards-Ellis, October 6th 2007