Elevate Difference

The Underdogs

Texas native Jen Foster is a singer-songwriter that strives for the passion of a rocker and the melodic sensibilities of a folk artist. On The Underdogs, Foster--who has a diverse following in several major cities--succeeds on both fronts on at least three songs on her second release. A lesbian, Foster invites broad appeal whether her audience is straight or gay, folk or rock, because of her wide range.

"Saturn," a solid rock number in the tradition of Foster’s main muse, succeeds brilliantly with its respectable guitar solo. It is a simple song about escape that grew from a progression of just four chords. “In Between Poses,” a dramatic pop tune inspired by the conflicting advice Foster receives on how to present herself as a performer, is about letting one’s guard down and “floating so high.” The passion of "Poses" more than convinces the listener its sentiments are genuine. What stands out is the huge difference between these two songs and yet how good each one is in its own right. “Amen” is a rousing yet subtle rock ballad that could have easily been written by your favorite metal band.

Jen Foster finds a place in between Melissa Etheridge and Jewel, and like these artists, she continues her foray into personal to universal visions and Foster hits the mark because she does not see herself as fundamentally different from her counterparts.

Written by: Katie Klemenchich, June 3rd 2007

great review! thanks so much for such an informative, well-written piece.