Elevate Difference

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home really does feel like home. Jessica Bailiff’s folky sounds and soothing voice are more toned down from her previous albums Even in Silence (1998), Hour of the Trace (1999) and her self-titled release in 2002. In the past, Bailiff’s shielded her softness with harsh sounds. Here, Bailiff has stripped down and makes her music truly inviting. Beautiful pianos, set before a mystical backdrop, are mixed with electric guitars and simple acoustic chords. This creates a warm space, a perfect companion for reflection and relaxation. Songs like "What’s in Your Mind" and "Cinq" are haunting and dream-like. "If We Could" is reminiscent of her previous works, combining harsh sounding guitars with soothing lyrics. The music is in fact, so beautiful, that it leaves you wanting much, much more; most songs on the album are less than three minutes, but have the potential to go on for much longer. That is not to say this album is a light snack. It is lush, exotic, and mystical. And it is definitely worth a listen.

Written by: Cheryl Santa Maria, November 24th 2006