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Kaffe Fassett's Kaleidoscope of Quilts

In the world of knitting, needlepoint, interior design and quilting, Kaffe Fassett’s long line of books reign as the prettiest of the pretty coffee table books. An internationally renown artist, Fassett has authored over fifteen books on needle crafts and design and has exhibited his work in museums around the world. Fassett’s popularity has played a part in attracting a larger audience to knitting and quilting and elevating the appreciation of the fabric arts. Kaffe Fassett’s Kaleidoscope of Quilts is his latest showcase of dazzling quilt designs.

Saturated stripes and earthy floral prints, each quilted project is crafted from Fassett’s own line of sumptuous fabrics created with Rowan. Laying on a picturesquely rusted sailboat or pinned to a faded, ornate door, each quilt glimmers like a vibrant jewel in these settings. Beautifully photographed on the sun-drenched shores of Malta, the patchwork of Fassett and his design team—with its intense color ways—is shown to its best advantage. Close-up shots highlight the projects’ individual stitch work and palette.

After the lush photo spread, the rest of Kaleidoscope of Quilts is devoted to quilt assembly instructions, templates, and tips. Even in these nuts-and-bolts pages, there are generous photos and diagrams as well as clear, detailed instructions. In another welcome surprise, Fassett also includes biographies of the designers and the inspiration behind the choices of fabrics and patch shapes. This focus on the importance of design, color, and fabric pattern allows beginner quilters to create movement and energy within their own work. The book encourages adventure and experimentation.

Quilting is often mistakenly assumed to be humble women‘s work, a thrifty use of fabric scraps. However, piecework has always been about showing off, the decadent display of swirling stitches, the fearless juxtaposition of gingham, florals, and polka dots. In Kaleidoscope of Quilts, the art of quilting is shown at its best with gorgeous quilts and directions that instruct and illuminate.

Written by: Regina Raiford Babcock, March 25th 2007