Elevate Difference

Keep Singing! A Benefit Compilation For Compassion Over Killing

Beautiful art graces the cover of this album, entrancing me as I hear Gina Young introduce both the tone and ethics of the compilation. I quickly feel enveloped by the politics and clarity of these artists. I make a game of picking up on notable lyrics, such as quoting Gandhi with “you must be the change/ you wish to see in the world” and showing feminism in “eat what you like/ especially if you are a girl.” Speaking of girls, although there are some female artists on this compilation, I would prefer to hear more women rocking out on the album.

Ranging from warm acoustic ballads to intense punk rock chops, each musician sings intelligent lyrics from the heart. It’s wonderful to hear songs with substance! There is no mistaking the messages of compassion and animal rights in this album. Keep Singing! offers a breath of fresh air to thinking people sadly wandering amidst vapid pop star-worship and destruction of the planet’s resources.

Flipping through the CD booklet, I notice vegetarian recipes submitted by the artists betwixt attractive pictures of vegetables and advertisements for small, ethical companies. A vegetarian cookbook is included on the disc as a downloadable PDF file. I’m pleasantly surprised by the creativity and thoughtfulness of this project.

Written by: Jacquie Piasta, April 13th 2008