Elevate Difference

Perceptions of Pacha

The most important thing to DJ Kiko Navarro is that “people must never stop dancing!” Although I’m not a consistent fan of house, and perfer hip hop when I feel the need to get down, Perceptions of Pacha definitely moved me.

Kiko Navarro is a producer and remixer who started working as a DJ in 1990 in Mallorca, Spain and released his first CD compilation titled The Latin Sound of Pacha in a collaboration with Tommy Boy UK and Pacha Group in 2001. He plays venues all over Europe and has a solid history of making great music in Spain, the UK, the U.S. and Japan. Perceptions of Pacha is his 2007 release with thirteen tracks of musical fun stemming out of his longtime residency at Club Pacha in Ibiza. Navarro’s Perceptions can be listened to online at Ibiza Global Radio every Saturday.

Perceptions of Pacha samples different musical styles and soulful vocals into this seamless album, where moments of funk, slices of neo-soul, raw percussion and beautiful instrumentals live next door to synthsized intros, a vocal scat session and horn solo, a piano/violin duet, a short hip hop-esque flow and references to disco and jazz. I loved his mix of piano and afro-cuban beats in “Ache pa Ti" and fell head over heels for "More," a soulful groove with soaring vocals and lovely lyrics. Next time I have a dinner party that wants to become a dance party, Perceptions of Pacha is on the decks!

Written by: Jessmaya Morales, May 31st 2007