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Kiss Refreshing Body Splash

Kiss is a pheromone-based body splash, used to enhance a woman’s natural sexual scent. Pheromones are specific compounds within our body that can potentially affect the physiology and behavior of others. Infused with an erotic blend of green and white tea extracts these sprays are pure bliss in a bottle!

Kiss from Pure Romance may have just become this woman’s favorite scent of all time. Sent the Plumeria for review, it is delicious and has turned more than one head! After the first application, I received multiple compliments and was inspired to purchase the Sweet Pear and Raspberry Bliss based sprays.

It is a light scented body spray, yet it stays strong throughout the day. It is not overbearing, yet it does not fade into the background. As promised by Pure Romance, this product seems to react to your own body chemistry and enhance your mood, not only does it make this woman feel sexy and confident, it attracts others to sit up and take notice.

The first time I used this product, my husband felt the need to cuddle up on the couch after work—ten hours after application. I have found this to be a scent that inspires him to want closeness, and as a woman, I will not complain! However, I would like an explanation; no other product has this affect. I have not tested it with other men, but I know the one in my life is infatuated with my new scent!

One thing I would like to add, this is the most relaxing scent when left at room temperature, but for a quick cool down, refrigeration make it a wonderful break in the day. For a quick make up after that fight, it might be the needed cool down technique…

Written by: Angie Dobson, October 20th 2007