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Kitty Spank-Her Paddle

The Kitty Spank-Her Paddle is a 13” paddle from Ruff Doggie Styles’ line of "sexy kitty" designs. The front is made from pink suede and has black stitching outlining the design and filling in the cat’s facial features. The back is pure black leather with no details.

The cat’s tail is the paddle’s handle. At not quiet 1½ inch across, it’s a good fit for my small hand. I like the way my little finger or my thumb (depending on what side I’m using) fits in the curve of the tail.

The Kitty Spank-Her is well made. I haven’t once worried that it’s going to break in two or fall apart mid-spank. I really appreciate that its sturdiness keeps me from fretting that it’s going to snap at an inopportune moment. The stitching appears really durable, which means that the suede and leather will not separate any time soon.

The paddle’s promotional material suggests using the suede side for “seductive body massage,” but I’m not sure that it’s really fuzzy enough for that. The leather side packs a sizzling sting that is certainly more intense than the sensation provided by the suede surface.

I like that the paddle is long enough to work well for solo play, but wish the surface area available for spanking was a bit broader. I suggest smacking with the body of the cat, rather than its head.

This paddle is a high quality toy that promises to provide spanking fun for years to come.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, May 5th 2007