Elevate Difference

Knife the Symphony EP

I was having a particularly foul day when the Knife the Symphony EP arrived. I distinctly remember being angry at music, and wishing I had something new to listen to that didn’t bore the crap out of me. It was as if someone from Feminist Review was reading my thoughts, and I threw on the five song EP immediately. I’ve never been a huge fan of indie rock, but this band is enjoyable and not terribly monotonous as others as the same ilk. It sounds like their inspiration could be drawn from bands as The Minutemen, Joy Division and even Zounds, at times. The most notable of the tracks might be "Summer’s Decay," which evokes a late nineties post-punk spirit reminiscent of “Paranoid Time” on quaaludes, or a lost Sonic Youth track. Geez, that sounds pretentious. Then again, most music reviews do, so I don’t feel that bad.

Though depressing to listen to on repeat while eating an entire box of cereal in bed, pining for your lost childhood, I’m sure under normal listening circumstances, you won’t want to knife the listener. Grab a walkman and go for a jog; you’ll thank me later.

Written by: Janine Ohnoski, May 26th 2007