Elevate Difference

Fabriclive 34

I am of the opinion that party music is best heard live while at the party. Loaded with funky break beats, old school rhythms, hip hop, MC style and unique mash-ups, suffice it to say that popping in [Fabriclive 3(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000N6TYSU?ie=UTF8&tag=feminrevie-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000N6TYSU) on my home stereo while trying to keep it down (paper thin apartment walls) didn’t do this mix appropriate justice.

Brought to us by the internationally known and hyped DJ mix series from the London-based nightclub, Fabric, breakbeat DJ Krafty Kuts joins the lineup up of notables like Grooverider, Diplo and Death in Vegas, to put together his album, which is the 34th in the Fabric Live mix series. The more I listened to this mix, the more I enjoyed it. Translation: Initially, I wasn’t blown away, but there were pockets of excitement that kept me going that I could appreciate the more I let the music take me over. Of course, break beats aren’t for everyone — this isn’t your regular dance stuff that gets played over the speakers at Abercrombie.

While “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash is easily one of the most overused tracks of all time, the high-speed spacey remix actually reinvigorates a track that would otherwise be trite. I thought tracks like “The Weekend Breaks” were not quite as strong because they tended to sound more typical, but these don’t dominate the album. The mixes tend to get funkier and groovier on the second half, such as the second to last track featuring Dynamite MC and the aptly titled final track "Funky Jam (Primal Scream)." Having a special place in my heart for funkier sounds, these later tracks got me up out of my office chair and snapping my fingers! If I heard these in the club, you know I would be jamming.

Both astute and new listeners will be impressed by the range of genres cohabitating on this album, from the tried and true of Grandmaster to the salsa rhythms on Ralph Robles’ “Takin’ Over” (which became a quick favorite). Though some of the faster and harder sounds on the opening tracks might not appeal to everyone, if you didn’t give it a chance you would definitely be missing out on some solid grooves.

Written by: Lillian B., August 30th 2007