Elevate Difference

La Petite “Scooter Babe” Starter Kit

If at first glance needlepoint may not seem to be the most feminist of activities, think again. The sewing and decorating of textile goods has long been a task designated to women. While women have won their place in the workforce, female crafts such as embroidery are losing popularity. What better way to keep the art alive than with the funky designs of Sublime Stitching?

The slogan reads, “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery!” and with all due respect grandma, the La Petite Starter Kit, available for $22.50, is a bit more free form. The kit design entitled “Scooter Babe” provides a selection of trend setting decals—drawings of scooters, gals and scooter gear. The decals are iron-on and can be used up to eight times to create different patterns and combinations. The insert provides easy to read diagrams of different stitches, but it is up to the creator which stitch is used where.

Also included are a 4” embroidery hoop and four colors of embroidery floss. The gold and red "Asian" design envelope that the needle comes in is a nice touch of tender loving care, and the addition of the little embroidery scissors leads one to believe that nothing has been forgotten, but wait… what are we supposed to embroider upon? Sublime Stitching leaves ample room for the imagination. It is easy to find the spare pillow case, tea towel or other material lying around the house to be freshened up with a little design. I chose to stitch a funky t-shirt for a friend’s baby. With Sublime Stitching design kits, the possibilities are unlimited.

Written by: C. Amber Pearce, August 3rd 2007