Elevate Difference


According to their Myspace page, Ladycop is known for their live show; the trouble is I haven’t seen it. Based in Brooklyn, their self-released and self-titled EP, showcases a band that isn’t easily captured second-hand. With layers upon layers of sound, rattling guitars, and mystic vocals, I’m aching to hear more from this indie rock four-some, preferably at a small, dark club in their hometown. I just want more!

Similar to The Arcade Fire, Ladycop are serious musicians. Their music is as dark and complex as it is driving, but remains fresh - as if I’d stumbled upon a secret that I had heard before, but never really noticed. This isn’t your mother’s Pink Floyd, but their influence is unmistakable with their trademark long, stringing guitar notes (acoustic and electric) and seamless ends and beginnings. I highly recommend this EP. Ladycop tours this summer.

Written by: Courtney Ham, June 16th 2007