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Lean and Sexy Stiletto Green Pearl Earrings

By Zeba

Most of the time pearls remind me of housewives circa 1950. Well, maybe into the '60s too. I just started watching the first season of Mad Men, and pearl jewelry seems to be a common gift guiltily given to the suburban, home-bound wife after returning from an afternoon in the city with the bohemian, Beat-loving mistress, or to the sexy secretary banged by the boss. Perhaps this much-lauded show about an ad agency is actually covering a covert marketing scheme to revive these somewhat retro gems. Okay, so maybe not.

If Mad Men is creating a market for pearls, then Zeba should jump on that bandwagon quickly. The Michigan-based, woman-owned company produces pearl jewelry that is spectacularly twenty-first century. Though many of their affordable offerings are of the classic variety, the Lean and Sexy Stiletto Green Pearl Earrings provide a somewhat modern twist on an old staple. On this pair, a lone green freshwater pearl dangles from a two-inch sterling silver chain, which is attached to a sterling silver earwire. As I'm not the kind to go for an overstated adornment, the simple design suits my fancy.

My first impression of the earrings was that they appear quite delicate and formal. But you know what they say about books and covers and deception of appearance. Though I would be less inclined to wear them with a ratty t-shirt and jeans, Lean and Sexy Green Pearl Earrings are perfect for an ensemble that's a bit more snazzy or one that is absolutely magnificent. The name may make this statement redundant, but if you're going for sex appeal, these certainly have it—all the seduction of stiletto heels without the destroyed feet.

Perhaps you're more of a Betty Draper type who presents like a Norman Rockwell painting, then snag the version with a more traditional look. If, however, you find yourself to be more like Joan Holloway, a more contemporary pearl design will give you more of the attention you seek. Aren't you glad women have so many more choices in these modern times?

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, August 28th 2009

Thank you for a great reveiw. I am a fan of the 'Mad Man'. I blogged about this review at [Just My $0.02 Cents](http://justmy002worth.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow)