Elevate Difference

Lemon Shortbread

When I saw there were cookies available to be reviewed—COOKIES—I jumped at the opportunity! I didn't do extensive research on the Sun Flour Baking Co. that makes the cookies. I just saw the words "Lemon Shortbread" and then went a little nuts.

When the box of cookies came in the mail, I did read it more closely. Since I had no background information on the baking company, it came as a surprise to read such phrases as "No refined sugar," "Egg & Dairy Free" and "40% organic." I noticed that the Sun Flour Baking Co. pride themselves on manufacturing the "Feel Good Cookie."

As a former vegetarian, I know all about the importance of eating organic foods and avoiding certain things in your diet. Usually, however, one can only accomplish this through a drastic reduction in taste.

My beloved cookies were... gulp ...HEALTHY.

And yet as I opened the package and popped one into my mouth: sheer bliss. How can cookies that contain no butter have such a buttery yet lemony quality? I guess I wasn't giving that pressed organic palm oil enough credit.

The cookies are delish! I will definitely buy them in the future, and who knows: perhaps alleviate some of my cookie-eating guilt in the process?

Written by: April D. Boland, June 3rd 2007

great review! lemon cookies here I come