Elevate Difference

Sangue Puro

Sangue Puro is entrancing from its entrance. We don't question the electronics, but we wait for a rhythm, a melody and a disposal. Here is a band with some notoriety, yet this album sounds utterly bizarre if you compare it with previous takes. It's more noise, less pop. It works for me better, in the way that Erase Errata works for me, as infectious and more exciting at each listen. I imagine a live show to be high intensity, with rhythmic shaking from its audience members. A mythical show could take place if they so chose, or a mere spectacle of mysticism. Originally from Montreal, Les Georges Leningrad formed in 2000 when Bobo Boutin, Mingo L'Idien and Poney P met at a bar-fight. They describe the music they produce as “Petrochemical Rock” and are a sensation whether they play with greats like Sun Ra or unknowns. Imagine an underworld dance party with its highs and lows documented as a record.

Written by: Nancy Wolfe, April 20th 2007