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Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures

Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures is a collection of fifteen short stories that, as promised, feature lesbian cowboys. On average, the stories run approximately fourteen pages or so, which results in the feeling that there is not much in the way of plot or character development. Actually, a more fitting title would have been Lesbian Cowboys Having Sex, as the majority of the stories are pretty to the point and do not waste much time getting to the good stuff (and by good stuff, I mean lots of sex).

As for the eroticism, some stories are soft and sweet. My favorite of these was Craig J. Sorenson’s “Two Fronts,” a quaint coming-of-age story about a young woman living on a ranch during World War II. Others are written with crude details, such as Roxy Katt’s “Fancy Pants.” Personally, I have never found the words “fur” or “titties” to be especially erotic, but to each her own. Most of the stories are just fun little sexual romps. In their quest to set the right “cowboy” tone, some of the authors get a bit cheesy with their use of slang, such as “I reckon,” “Yes’m,” and “obliged,” but, if you are reading anything that falls into the romance, erotica or love story category, a little bit of cheese is probably what you are seeking.

Despite them all sharing a central theme of the cowboy lover, the stories are definitely individual works and each has its own take on the lesbian cowboy. There is something for everyone here, with stories set in every time period from the Old West to the current day in the twenty-first century. The heroines are all variations on the cowboy stereotype: ranch hands, rodeo cowgirls, detectives, and drifters, meaning that there is something for everyone in this collection. Because this is a themed collection, the stories sometime can get a bit monotonous when read one right after the other, so I do not recommend trying to read them all in one sitting, unless you really love lesbian cowboys. In the end, the book delivers exactly what its cover tagline promises, sexy little stories filled with “lust, dust and leather.”

Written by: Victoria Kroeger, December 4th 2009