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Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girl’s Guide to Camping

If you’ve always wanted to go camping, but have been overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a sleeping bag, securing permits, packing supplies and keeping clean in the wild then you’re in luck! This little book is all you’ll need to get out of the city and into the great outdoors. Heather Menicucci explores all aspects of camping, from gear and games to toilets and tents. Her detailed instructions and personal insights will help you to build the confidence and know-how you need in order to have an enjoyable outdoor experience.

This book contains something for everyone; even seasoned campers will find new tips and tricks. Try the pattern for a daypack made of old jeans, or sample the Hot Sweet Whiskey Beans recipe. A significant emphasis is placed on getting along with pals while camping; the author provides tips on how to deal with cranky camp-mates and gives plenty of suggestions on how to keep busy together, such as games like competitive comics or (depending on who you’re with) getting frisky in the tent! Menicucci’s writing is readable and smart, making this book fun and very informative. In addition, it’s the perfect size to stash in your backpack when you do go camping. Whether you choose to head out for a day hike or a week-long backcountry adventure, you’ll be glad you read this book!

Written by: Amanda Moss, June 11th 2007