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Liddle Kiddle Embroidery Patterns (Artist Series #4)

I had never before attempted embroidery until I received Sublime Stitching’s Artist Series #4 embroidery patterns, “Liddle Kiddle” designs drawn by artist and illustrator Lisa Petrucci. The front of the packet promises “any skill level” and “EZ how 2,” and it’s true! By following the included instructions, I was embroidering immediately, even though I’m not a particularly gifted textile crafter. With these patterns, anyone who can sew on a button should be able to embroidery right away.

This packet includes thirteen different designs (a cutesy devil, an adorable angel, a sexy flower, a fluffy poodle, and a sweet kitten among them) on an 8½” x 11” sheet. To make the transfer, a design is cut from the large sheet and then ironed on to the fabric (preferably cotton or a poly-cotton blend in a light color) to be embellished.

Each transfer makes up to eight imprints, and when the designs no longer transfer, they work as templates for tracing with carbon paper or for use with a transfer pen. The designs aren’t only for embroidery, but can also be used for crewel, needlepoint, and fabric painting, as well as for wood, leather, and paper crafts. Getting so many uses from these patterns makes them a really excellent value.

As the Sublime Stitching website points out, there are no charts and no counting necessary with these designs. After I transferred the pattern onto my fabric, I stitched along the lines with embroidery floss in the colors of my choice. I really enjoyed deciding what colors to use; my favorite part of the process was designing my own project and making it look the way I imagined it.

Because this set only provides patterns, I had to acquire an embroidery hoop, a needle, and embroidery floss. I already had a needle, and I picked up a hoop and floss (and handkerchiefs on which to transfer the designs) at thrift stores I frequent. I didn’t find the colors I want to use for the little devil, so I will probably buy new floss for her, but I was able to get started without spending a lot of money.

I think these patterns are fabulously fun and easy to use. I am absolutely satisfied and can’t think of a single drawback. Sublime Stitching and Lisa Petrucci rock!

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, June 25th 2008

A good read.

awesome so cute! i love lisa petrucci i think sublime does sell kits that include floss and hoop and all that, too

They look as if it will be great fun stitching those designs, delightful payyerns