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Life Support

HIV isn't the death sentence that it used to be, but that doesn't mean it isn't affecting people's lives in enormous ways. Life Support is a new film starring Queen Latifah, inspired by a true story, that tackles the complexities of living with the virus, particularly as low-income, women of color. This film couldn't come at a better time, as infection rates continue to grow among young, African American girls. It is said that the disease is getting younger, darker, and more female, and Life Support shows the importance of prevention and of letting people see the human side of those living with HIV.

Queen Latifah plays the part of Ana, an HIV+ mother of two and sex education outreach worker, who comes from a background of drug addiction and other "high risk" behavior. Her oldest daughter, Kelly (Rachel Nicks) lives with Ana's mother (Anna Deavere Smith) and harbors much anger and resentment toward Ana for her past mistakes. Ana wants nothing more than to rekindle a love bond with her daughter before Kelly leaves the city to start her own life. Both struggle to combine their own self-interest with their relationships with loved ones in a tumultuous journey. Life Support is an emotional tribute to the thousands of people touched by HIV and props to HBO for making this film available.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, April 21st 2007

Film is always watched on spare time by people, especially young people. But yong people should choose the film which are good for us in order to we can learn a lot of things from them.