Elevate Difference

Lighten Up Sensual Candle

This candle brings thoughts of all things sensual. The flicker of flame and the widening pool of melted wax offer the quiet motion of calm. Slipping into that dreamy world where beauty is a friend and logic says its time to take a day. It’s the music you’ve wanted to hear, and the whoosh of cars passing by outside becomes that of ocean waves washing over you. Somehow it all flows better under water, and you are in deep now with only this flickering beacon to light your path away from the humdrum and into a world of the senses. A bite of fresh cantaloupe, cotton curtains billowing in the bright wind, dipping bare feet in a bubbling spring, the top of a Ferris wheel, the echoes of violin at the tip of your soul. Straining to catch the moment, you lose it. Your lover enters the room. The candle burns on.

Written by: C. Amber Pearce, October 10th 2007