Elevate Difference

Life Goes On

By Linq

Linq is a little bit like the love baby of Barney and Melissa Etheridge, and I really don’t mean that in a derogatory way. If Linq played an outdoor festival and if my partner and I had kids, we would be out having a picnic dancing on the grass with our cute gaybies singing along. Yes, I said gaybies. How can you not love a song called “Diversity Dance?” Hooray for gays! Hooray for bisexuals! It doubles the dating pool! After all, a little dose of cheesiness isn’t always bad, is it?

Take Glenn Danzig. He is one of the cheesiest guys ever, and he writes some of the cheesiest songs ever, and yet he is still able to make the biggest, hairiest metal heads sing along like twelve-year-old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. The dude can rock, and part of what makes him rock is a certain element of ridiculous that also make his songs catchy. Linq has that same sort of catchiness, as well. Her songs have an addictive beat that makes them fun to listen to.

Linq and her fellow musicians are a talented crew. They obviously play their instruments with love and conviction. Don’t let the small dose of silly chase you away. Most of the songs on Life Goes On are seriously good.

As I mentioned before, Linq’s voice is a bit like Melissa Etheridge, and her music also follows the same kind of sound (with some kd Lang and maybe even a bit of Led Zeppelin in there as well, particularly on tracks like “SOS” and “Life Goes On”). It’s certainly “folk rock with a message” as her website states: Linq and her band take on everything from the Bush administration to the Patriot Act to deforestation. Frankly, I like her sound, I applaud her message(s), and I even like the slice of brie in there with it.

Written by: Emily S. Dunster, August 14th 2009