Elevate Difference

The Lion Perfume Oil Blend

When I first opened the vial of "Lion" perfume oil blend, I admit I expected to be olfactory swept away into a sultry, musky, jungle fantasy. I actually had to really poke my nose in the bottle to experience this scent. Though subtle, it does possess a darkly romantic, mysteriously gentle musk. I doused my wrists and went off into my day to test how long this whispery oil could last, especially in the windy dryness of winter. I was delightedly surprised that it not only held its scent for hours, but seemed to release subtler incense-like aromas—though the thick amber bottle is plenty sturdy to toss in your bag for re-applications throughout the day.

The other three oils that I sampled are "SĂ©ance," a uniquely pungent blend that smells a little like cough syrup (but not in an entirely bad way!); "Whip," which reminds me of those classic feminine perfumes my grandmother wore; and "The Reaper and the Flowers," a delightfully bold floral blend evoking lilacs and wildflowers.

Curious about their gothic, black, flaming phoenix packaging, I visited their website and was immediately intrigued! They boast an impressive assortment of love potions, voodoo blends and tarot oils; many of their product descriptions include dark, erotic poetry and incantations. I know you shouldn't buy your perfume based on its name or its packaging, but I'm fascinated by this company, and it might not hurt to order some "Fire of Love" oil!

Written by: Dana Edell, March 20th 2007