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Little Black Rabbit Necklace

Black Rabbit Handmade Jewelry is a mother-daughter team with a combined background of jewelry design, fine and graphic art, photography, and textile arts with a shared love of art, design, culture, and beauty. The duo says that they “hope, more than anything, that our jewelry will bring joy to the wearer, and will enhance her own sense of personal beauty.” I especially appreciate that sentiment because for me, self-adornment is a creative ritual. I also find beautiful, lovingly crafted clothing and jewelry transcend both practicality and materialism.

I received the Little Black Rabbit Necklace in a nice gift box and noticed right away the fineness and originality of the beads and hardware. This necklace features a bone pendant that swivels 360 degrees. One side is hand painted with a “little black rabbit” and the other side has a plant design carved in it. I usually wear choker length necklaces but liked this slightly longer sixteen and a half inch length. The composition of ellipse- and sphere-shaped red horn beads has a shadowy luminosity that is grounded by four disc-shaped, black coconut shell beads. The necklace looked great with much of what I’ve worn in the last few weeks: cycling around town, meeting with clients, having dinner with my family, writing with my feet up in the backyard.

While the necklace I received has a striking intensity to it, scrolling through their selection online, I notice many pieces have a lighthearted feel to them: bright red and pink beads, butterfly cloisonné beads and beads reminiscent of sea glass or tropical island carvings. Each piece is handmade of natural materials including beads of lampwork glass, stone, wood, bone, Swarovski crystal with sterling silver and gold-filled elements. There is versatility and diversity of style in the earrings, necklaces, and bracelets offered and I can see women of many tastes finding something they love from Black Rabbit Handmade Jewelry.

Written by: Matsya Siosal, September 1st 2009