Elevate Difference

Little Giant of Aberdeen County

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is Tiffany Baker's debut novel. Wow! How does one follow this work with another novel?

The story is set in rural Aberdeen County, where several generations of doctors named Robert Morgans live and practice. Truly Plaice was a baby that stretched her mother to epic proportions. The town watched Mrs. Plaice's pregnancy with relish. Most of the people in town placed bets on the size and weight of the baby. Every one agreed it would be a boy. Even Truly's mother believed she was carrying a son, but she died before Dr. Morgan can tell her it is a girl. 

Truly's father blamed her for the death. He was ill-equipped to take care of his little daughter and a new baby. Serena Jane is what all fathers would want in a girl: pretty, proper, and quiet, the perfect big sister. Truly takes on her role as the town's outcast while Serena Jane becomes May Queen. This draws the attention of Bob Bob Morgan, the young doctor. His attraction to Serena Jane sets off a chain of events that changes Aberdeen County. 

As Truly grows larger and larger, she also becomes the target of Bob Bob's attention in a very different way than her sister. When Truly gets her hands on a century old shadow book written by Aberdeen's white witch, life begins to look up. Truly's future changes. She is faced with choices such as: revenge or moral duty. 

While reading this novel, I was reminded of a Flannery O'Connor story. The flavor of these characters and their realistic dialogue made me see the small southern town where I grew up. Once I began Truly's story, I couldn't stop. The author surprised me at each turn and never became predictable. Tiffany Baker's voice is original and exciting.

Written by: Ann Hite, June 4th 2009