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Love You to Death

Love You to Death raises many moral questions: How far would you go to have a loved one returned to you? Would you fly halfway around the world on a moments’ notice because you had a hunch something was wrong? Would you put your own life in danger to save a loved one?

Catching a last minute flight from Hong Kong to Illinois cost Elise McBride a fortune, but she would pay that numerous times over to make sure her sister came home safely. Ashley had only been missing a few days when Elise flew into town, a move thought as extreme by neighbors and local police. Ashley was a flighty twenty-one-year-old who they did not believe was missing until Elise persisted in the matter.

Doing everything she possibly can to track down Ashley under the unsolicited supervision of ex-cop Trent Brady, Elise finds a disturbing image on Ashley’s computer. Unbeknownst to Ashley, as she was snapping pictures of the animals outside, she caught the picture of a man hiding behind a tree in her yard. Ashley had become the object of desire by one very deranged maniac, Gary Maitland. As the days drag on and the body count rises, the search for Ashley becomes more frantic. Willing to do anything, including putting her own life in danger as bait, Elise wants her sister returned safely.

Maitland had lost his wife in a car accident many years before. Unable to let go of his perfect wife, he kept her body refrigerated in his basement, giving him access to her anytime her wanted. His need to keep his wife near sent him on a killing spree leaving many devastated families in his wake. Using body parts from the women that he kidnapped and murdered, Maitland was creating a new body for his beloved wife, whose was crushed in the accident. In his eyes, no other woman would ever measure up to Wendy.

Love You to Death brings together romance and murder in an expected way. Girl meets ruggedly hot neighbor, girl sleeps with ruggedly hot neighbor, well, you know how that goes. The plot itself seemed to lack the intrigue that made you want to know what happened next. The last seven chapters made the book. Love You to Death was a good casual read, but not something that gripped my undivided attention from start to finish.

Written by: Ryanick Paige, January 14th 2010