Elevate Difference

M’Bem di Fora

If you wish to fully appreciate this album, I would recommend that you read about the artist and the music first. I was lucky in that I received a press release with the album. I listened to the music, which varies from slow, ethereal songs to finger-snapping, toe-tapping beats. Then I read about Lura, and the background of each song. I was able to go back and listen, again, for real. It reminded me of some advice an opera aficionado gave me years ago – if you want to fully appreciate music in a language you do not understand, read the script first!

Born and raised in Portugal, Lura discovered, almost by accident, the music of Cape Verde (her parents' birthplace), a collection of small islands off of the Northwest coast of Africa. I think Lura, in finding this music, found herself and her own destiny – to sing and dance her roots, teaching the world, through music, about the country.

That’s the reason why I wanted to listen to this album. My favorite songs on this album are the last three "Festa Di Nha Kumpadri," "Choro" and "Fitico Di Funana," mainly because I am partial to songs that make me want to dance!

Lura makes it obvious that she sings from the heart. I would recommend this album – just make sure you read about it, as well as listen!

Written by: Patricia Ethelwyn Lang, April 24th 2007

Cool. I've never heard Cape Verdean music outside of Cesaria Evora, and I know she only does a couple of styles. I'll check this out.

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