Elevate Difference

Magic and the Power of the Goddess: Initiation, Worship, and Ritual in the Western Mystery Tradition

The planet is in turmoil and, according to Magic and the Power of the Goddess by Gareth Knight, we can heal it by connecting with the Goddess - the feminine energy that runs though our world. To fully connect with the Goddess though, one must study how she has been represented in various cultures throughout history.

The first part of the book deals with exercises and rituals (most involve meditation, circles, and candles) that one can perform in order to become more in sync with nature and the energy that runs through the planet. Knight claims that this energy is feminine and takes the form of the Goddess. By focusing on this energy, we should be able to heal not only ourselves, but the environment around us. The rest of the book concentrates on different myths from various cultures and how the Goddess is represented in each of these stories. Isis, Andromeda, Psyche, and the Virgin Mary are just a few of the women that Knight cites in these chapters.

Personally, I found this book to be a bit much. To me, meditation is a simple, stress-free practice, and I found Knight’s almost scientific approach to be very unappealing and complicated. The same goes for his take on ancient myths. I would have appreciated an in-depth analysis of how women and goddesses have been represented in mythology over time, but Knight’s analysis just seems to go in circles, never reaching any real conclusion. I’ve read a few new age books before, and while I’ve never really been a follower of what they preach, I could appreciate the author’s point of view. This book was different. I found Knight to be longwinded, rambling and, worst of all, boring. Maybe if I practiced Wicca I would be more impressed with Magic and the Power of the Goddess, but somehow I doubt it.

Written by: Victoria Kroeger, June 11th 2008