Elevate Difference


In a music genre that tends to sound much the same, Mahogany has come back after a five year absence with a new album that manages to stand out from the rest.

Connectivity has eleven songs that mesmerize. This listener is reminded of ancient chants. The soft male and female vocals lull one into a scene not unlike Mahogany’s album cover. My favorite song, “Renovo” is one wave of strings and horns with almost a classical feel after another. Just as one relaxes into the rhythm, a delicate voice enters, “Can you find the edge of this vast complex land?” A question to set the listener’s mind thinking.

“Domino Ladder Beta” seems a little out of place in this collection with its dark sound. My favorite song was “My Bed Is My Castle” that mixes programmed beats with live guitars and vocals. The bass is beautiful.

This CD captures the energy it takes to both plan and build a city, the hopes and dreams of the future, even if the city is only within us. It reminds this listener of a gleaming contemporary skyline. So, if you’re into electronica, take a listen to Connectivity. You will enjoy.

Written by: Ann Hite, April 26th 2007