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Mama-Ji Perfume Oil

If you're looking for a new fragrance, then look no further. Do these folks ever make scents! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Mama-Ji perfume oil is very different from my usual Dior perfume. By the end of my first day wearing it, I couldn't stop smelling my wrist; one day later I purchased two others, eager to find out if their other scents are as addictive. So far Mama-Ji is still my favorite. Though it seems (to my nose) heavy and candle-like at first, Mama-Ji softens into a spicy, warm scent with subtle chocolate and flower notes.

Though their website is a bit tricky to search through, each department offers such lovely- sounding fragrances that time spent poring over the odoriferous offerings is pleasantly passed. In addition to listing the oils used, each fragrance is given a name and a short, story-like description. This of course, makes these oils perfect for gift giving. They come in tiny bottles and you can pick fragrances for your friends based upon the story-lines. Wearing Mama-Ji was that much more satisfying when I reminded myself that I was channeling the creative and destructive energies of the great mother-goddess.

Written by: kristina grob, June 6th 2007

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