Elevate Difference

The Marcelle

Apparently Danish feminists demand, “Respect, equal wages, and orgasms.” Fortunately, they don't have to demand comfortable shoes, as Denmark is where Danskos come from. Full disclosure: I have been a Dansko fan for years. When I finally met the right podiatrist, after repeatedly having fractures misdiagnosed as neuromas, he told me that I was permitted to wear one of two brands for the remainder of my days. One of them is Dansko. I wear a pair—fun red fake-fur clogs with black leopard spots—as I type. 

Dansko wearers form a secret society—we nod at one another upon recognition. These sturdy Danish clogs are endorsed by doctors, nurses, teachers, food servers—anyone who has to spend significant time on their feet. Seeing that I have been medically forbidden stilettos, it is a delight that there are attractive orthpoedically sound shoes available in addition to clogs and walking sandals, and Dansko provides just these. The Marcelle is charming, and there are also designs available with a taller chunk heel. The Trixie looks positively evening-worthy—quite an evolution from the stapled clogs first carried over in their luggage by Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup from Peter's hometown in the late 1980s. Their friends and family became recipients: the shoes were so popular that retail purchase and suitcase shipping were no longer viable. Tak for bringing Danskos to the States.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, May 25th 2009