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Marimekko Iloinen Change Purse / Red Flashlight Pendant

To an outsider in search of a good meal, what is perhaps most striking about Helsinki are the vegan options. In every restaurant, you will find lactose- and meat-free meals without requesting special treatment. As this aspect of Finnish life becomes more greatly incorporated into the wider culture, it isn’t uncommon to find vegan designers like Pinkkis. Dainty donuts, plastic veggie brooches, and soft cloth pouches are all made from reused, recycled, and all vegan materials in her smoke-free, Helsinki home. Though I might have a soft spot for anyone on the Vegan Etsy team, it’s easy to be won over by Pinkkis’ quirky style.

My Red Flashlight Pendant does not actually light up, but it certainly appears that it would. I often feel lost in this world; maybe this is the metaphor for which I’ve been searching. Made from a one-of-a-kind plastic charm, many of Pinkkis' necklaces use cute, out-of-the-ordinary miniatures. Whether you wear this in jest or to accessorize your spelunking gear, the sturdy ball chain won't snap if you snag it on your headlamp. I have owned a number of small assembly line and handmade pouches along the line, but Pinkkis is above and beyond other coin purses and makeup bags. Made with soft, beautiful Marimekko fabric, the colors are striking but not garish. The inner lining is reused fabric with no rough edges, plush and soft to the point where I might resist using it to carry around my grubby loose change. “Iloinen” means “happy” in Finnish, and the retro aesthetic of all things Marimekko certainly make me iloinen. Unfortunately, that is one of the few words of Finnish I can pronounce.

Another reason to patronize Pinkkis: her favorite materials list includes “boy, do I love glitter.” Her child-like fascination with creation is wholly appropriate, but her designs are not suitable for small children. Keep the tiny pieces away from teeny loved ones for maximum enjoyment by all.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, September 7th 2009

I wore my flashlight necklace to work last week and got multiple compliments! People LOVED it!!

Pinkkis is one of my favourite Etsy shops too. She sells adorable goodies.