Elevate Difference

Outer Space

This 10-song album is the first full-length recording for DC hardcore band, Mass Movement of the Moth. Post-apocalyptic lyrics about civilization crumbling amongst all its technology, this band offers music that is simultaneously melodic and chaotic, beautiful and messy. Layered and complex, this album presents classic hardcore with a dance-y keyboard edge that makes the band seem like they are doing something new with a genre that can get a bit tired. Songs alternate between scream-y lyrics that demand a reference to the lyric sheet enclosed inside, while others provide a soundtrack for the music listener who prefers a more straight-forward sing-along with fists raised approach to the classic DIY hardcore punk song. The highlight for me is the track titled “Seven” which includes the lyrics, “and if everyday is supposed to be a war, how am I supposed to find this love that I’m looking for?” It is self-reflective lyrics such as these that allow momentary breaks from the machismo so characteristic of a lot of hardcore. Judging from the past shows’ page on the band’s website, it is clear that this is a DIY hardcore band that appeals to audiences who prefer a small show in an infoshop or punk house to a corporate bar show. It also appears that the band has performed in benefit shows for many radical projects including the feminist project, Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls.

Written by: Ailecia Ruscin, February 21st 2007
Tags: DIY, hardcore, punk