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Max's Moving Adventure: A Coloring Book for Kids on the Move

Max’s Moving Adventure is a coloring book for kids who are dealing with moving from their home to a new place. This book is long overdue. I know from experience, as both a child and as a parent, what trauma this change can cause. But I decided to do something a little different with this review. I handed it off to my seven year old daughter, Ella. I asked her to read the book and tell me what she thought. The next day we had a fallen tree that uprooted us. We went to stay with family 50 miles away. Ella took the book along on a trip that would turn into a longer stay than expected.

Max’s Moving Adventure is appealing to this parent. Unlike the traditional coloring book, this book has a quality soft back binding, a colorful glossy cover and a decently weighted paper. The illustrations were fun to look at and had enough detail to make coloring fun.

I must admit I’m not a big fan of coloring books because they seem to deter creativity, but this story made me think of a children’s picture book. It had a message that most parents and children could relate to. Danelle Till covers all the emotions of a child moving. My favorite page is the cave family, who invents the wheel so they can move to a new cave. Excellent imagination. The activities are added entertainment.

But really the opinion of a parent only goes so far. What did Ella think of Max’s Moving Adventure? After pouring over the book, Ella asked me if she could keep the book because she wanted to work the puzzles. She also wanted to know when we were moving. The book so appealed to her. She loved the idea of coloring in a picture book, usually a forbidden delight. So, there you go. I give this book a high mark based on the reaction of an expert, seven year old Ella Hite. Buy this for your kids. They’ll love it.

Written by: Ann Hite, July 25th 2007