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Bored of the Dance

Punk rock infused with Irish folk slash gypsy rock slash drunken anthem is what you'll get when you listen to Meisce's Bored of the Dance. Lead singer Pete Jay has a very distinct vocal talent and offers a sharp contrast to the Irish folk rock of past. Jay's voice is reminiscent of that of the lead singer of a Russian heavy metal and industrial rock band Rammestein. Violins and mandolins are played fervently like electric guitars, and I can't say I've ever heard an accordion sound so hardcore. Hard and heavy is not what Meisce is all about though.

They show a softer side with "The Death of Michael Flatley," which is on Side A of their beautifully packaged 45. Starting off nice and easy with the accordion playing a delicate tune and Pete Jay crooning away, you could easily cuddle with your lover or take another sentimental swig of beer with one of your friends. But don't get too maudlin.

Meisce amps it up again for you hard rock fans with "Drunk & Alone" on the B-side. If you enjoy drinking and getting drunk - and songs about drinking and getting drunk - then you'll enjoy Meisce's Bored of the Dance. Let us not forget to mention the way they rock their instruments! I've seen accordions in a new light. Did I mention that Meisce was Gaelic for drunkenness or intoxication?

Written by: Adrione N. Council, April 11th 2007

I like and appreciate the review. However, even though the reviewer is correct with the names of the A-side and the B-side, I can't help but think they were confused as to which song they were describing for each. The Death of Michael Flatley is the heavier song, while Drunk & Alone is the one that starts off slow and then breaks into a jig for the chorus.Slainte,Andrew from Meisce