Elevate Difference

Migration Earrings

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Just like me, they long to be close to you. —Karen Carpenter

This is the song that first came to mind when I admired the Migration Earrings handcrafted by Sheryl Pang of Bohème Jewelry. I suppose that is largely because of the way these delicately crafted earrings inspire thoughts of peaceful afternoons laying in the grass watching the clouds float by.

Designed to reflect a perfectly poised flock of golden birds gliding through a Swarovski crystal sky, these earrings are the ideal compliment to any outfit. I put them on as soon as they arrived, and the Migration Earrings fast became my favorite pair of earrings: my "go to" pair. You know, the ones that can travel with you everywhere. Whether to my kids' soccer games, a class, a meeting, or dinner with dear friends, these earrings have come with me to an array of events, garnering compliments every time. When my best girlfriend asked where I got them, it provided a nice opportunity to highlight Bohème—and Elevate Difference!

Although it’s always nice to receive positive feedback from friends, the fact of the matter is that one of the highest compliments I received came from my nine-year-old daughter, who is much more likely to recognize and let me know what is wrong about my appearance than what is right. She told me the earrings were "so beautiful" and she wondered if I could “please please please” let her borrow them when she grows up. What could I say? "Yes dear, of course."

The Migration Earrings prompt you to look on the bright side of life, and help you to remember how beautiful you truly are. Beyond this amazing accessory, Bohème also offers a full line of delightful jewelry that has a classic sensibility which is at once elegant and spirited. Completely feminine and entirely tasteful, the Migration Earrings are sure to inspire you to soar to new heights.

Written by: Susan G. Reyes Vasquez, September 10th 2009