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Mineral Eye Shadow

I have to admit that my taste far exceeds most paychecks I've brought in. There are certain things I have admired from afar, but never thought I would actually own. Mineral makeup is one of those things. Getting to try out Jenulence's mineral eye shadow in Dawn Matte was super fun. I went into the experience as the pleased owner of a mineral powder that decreases the redness in my face and is light, non-greasy and doesn't make me breakout. Who wouldn't love that?

When I first saw the color I was a little surprised. The Dawn Matte eye shadow looked pretty grey. I mean I guess I don't know what to expect when I hear the word "dawn," but I usually think of something more earthy, with browns. But when I put on the Jenulence eye shadow the grayness was diluted to a basic neutral, and I was more than pleased. I imagine the color would look good on anyone if it worked for someone as pale as me. Plus, the powder blends easily on the eyelids and lasts for hours. I know because I wore it before my big night on the town. I had an early dinner, went to a show and then went dancing afterward. Even after sweating for a couple hours, at 1 a.m. my eyes were still powdered, looking as good as they had when I first put the makeup on. I heart mineral makeup.

Written by: Logan Perkes, June 21st 2007

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