Elevate Difference

Mineral Eye Shadow

Hypoallergenic: chemicals, preservatives and fragrance-free—this product was good to my oh-so-sensitive skin! As someone who likes to experiment with make-up, White Pearl Shimmer Eye Shadow by Jenulence was fun to try out. Especially on my brown complexion! “It looks great,” says a friend. Another agrees, “But it’s better if you wear it to a wedding or a party,” she tells me as we meet up for a morning coffee. “I know! I know,” I tell them, trying to convince them that I wore it at this time solely for their reaction!

The White Pearl colour is best for a bright and bold look, and even better for highlighting the arches under the brow. Admittedly, the mineral’s translucent quality wasn’t appealing at first—it took a while to apply enough powder to gain complete eyelid coverage. On the other hand, its natural translucent quality would look effective on lighter skin tones. What I loved most was its soft and silky texture and long-lasting results. White Pearl Shimmer would be an ideal shadow to own. You could blend it with other darker or light colours, depending on the effect you wish to create.

Made with powdered minerals like oxidized mica and serecite, this handcrafted, pure and non-toxic product can be applied wet or dry. Jenulence’s motto is: If you can’t eat it, then don’t use it on your skin! What a lovely, environmentally friendly idea.

Written by: Payal Patel, August 19th 2007