Elevate Difference

Mini Classic Personal Pleasure Tin

Absolutely adorable! Roughly about the size of an Altoid box, this tin has it all. Each container comes with three different types of lubricant, mints, condoms and a trash baggy for easy clean up (the original version comes with chocolate sauce). Each tin can be customized with the type of essentials that you prefer such as the condom brand, type of lubricant and even a few added toys designed for people on the go such as a flashlight mini vibrator that can go on your key chain. Each tin comes with a collectable position card, a series of sixty nine; these cards explain positions and their variations. The Personal Pleasure tin can be taken anywhere, it fits conveniently in a purse or backpack and is discreet enough to not be an embarrassment in case luggage is searched while traveling. The only suggestion that I would have would be to add personal wipes to help with clean up. Still, the Personal Pleasure Tin is a must for “people with a discriminating, yet voracious sexual appetite,” as the website says.

Written by: Diana Tierney, February 13th 2007