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The Mistaken Wife

Take a trip back to England and France—An American In Paris this is not; rather, this book explores the spying world through eyes similar to Jane Austen—but add the charming characteristics of James Bond, and you arrive at a sweet, adventurous female named Mary Finch. This third book of the Mary Finch trilogy by Rose Melikan captures the depth of espionage and loyalty as well as romance and intrigue in the post-war era. Based in historical events dating to 1797 set in Britain, baring political intrigue and just a hint of romance, The Mistaken Wife gives the reader a chance to experience history, learn about the post-Revolutionary War spy world between America, France, and England and enjoy a love story featuring secret agents of all degrees.

Also rooted in this story is the discovery of an invention designed to possibly aid in future warfare. Both the American and the English spies travel to Paris; both seek the plans to this secret weapon with the intentions of taking them to their home countries.

Written with thoughtful and diligent insight, The Mistaken Wife upholds intrigue with a good amount of incidental beneficence. The culture of the time is well captured, from the descriptions of clothing to the proper manners rampant of the times. The cross of the three cultures is often revisited in the pursuit of the final quest, and this again is well perceived on the page.

Melikan conducts much research to create The Mistaken Wife. An author of academic work, she combines journal accounts, historical papers and the precursors of the military weapon plans to present a most accurate depiction of the story's setting. The resulting novel (in addition to the previous two of the trilogy, The Blackstone Key and The Counterfeit Guest) is well crafted without being too academic or too minor in development. _[The Mistaken Wife](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1416560904?ie=UTF8&tag=feminrevie-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1416560904__ is a careful historical novel of a fiery time in the settling of countries. Take some time to read and to indulge (as well as to brush up on the history you forgot you knew) in this novel.

Written by: Carolyn Espe, November 17th 2010