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Music for Landing Planes By

Music for Landing Planes By is an intriguing collection of poetry by Éireann Lorsung. Lorsung draws from her experiences studying print making and drawing in Italy and teaching high school in rural France. Her collection of poems is woven together through her thoughtfully crafted verse and repetition of words. Lorsung skillfully comments on broader social issues through her reflections on daily activities.

The collection begins with the poem "Being," which sets the tone and style for the compilation as well as acquaints the reader with Lorsung's view of her life as inspiration for her writing: "every place I've been is on fire with words." And, what a remarkable life she has led. With the maturity and depth of her writing, the reader would not guess that this is Lorsung's debut collection of poetry.

Her craft is at its best in her poems "And Will Be," "Forgetting in Multiple" and "Printmaking." Lorsung's use of enjambment encourages the reader to look at the verse in its entirety and then reflect on the multiple meanings each line offers. Her poems find inspiration in nature and speak of blooming flowers and waiting out the winter thaw like "birds in the thatch." The beauty of Lorsung’s poetry is that you can read her poems over and over and discover something new each time.

Written by: Breanne Reindl, July 15th 2007