Elevate Difference

My Dad Is My Hero: Tributes to the Men who Gave Us Life, Love, and Driving Lessons

My Dad Is My Hero, edited by Susan Reynolds is a passionately spun collection of essays about fathers. What I most appreciate about these narratives is the diversity. Reynolds' choices cover nearly every possible definition of a dad. While the entire collection moves me to contemplate not only my father, but all the male role models in my life and appreciate their efforts, I have my favorite essays in this book.

“The Day Will Rogers Died” by Kathryn Thompson Presley is a poignant story about a father struggling to raise his small daughter alone as he attempts to salvage something from the brutal dust storms ravaging Oklahoma. This story is about lending a voice to those who feel they don't have one at their worst moments.

“Ruffling Feathers” by Wayne Scheer conveys the thoughts of a son to his deceased father. The author displays how differences do not dilute the powerful feelings that exist between dad and son. This dad is dearly loved by the author, and I walk away knowing I was provided a peek into the depth of an intricate relationship.

“The Colonel To The Rescue” by Reynolds herself shows how dads do not have to be blood related. This story takes place when the author is attempting to get out of an abusive marriage. If not for a close friend's father, Reynolds' exit might have been much more traumatic.

“Daddy Versus The Golden Gate Bridge” by Susan B. Townsend makes me smile at the predicaments we get ourselves into as children. The calm words of a father bring reason to a stressful situation. And finally, “Stepping In” by Elizabeth King Gerlach tells the story of a stepfather who is inspired to be an artist and turns the hall into his studio, where he paints instead of watching sports in his off time. It is his dedication and sincere comments that lends to the author's courage to chase her dreams.

This book is full of moving essays that go straight to one's heart. My Dad Is My Hero is for anyone looking for a good, old fashion, comfy, and inspirational read.

Written by: Ann Hite, September 12th 2009